Teen Patti Gold APK v7.60 Poker & Rummy Download for Android

Teen Patti Gold

Teen Patti Gold is a very famous Indian card game that makes use of 52 card decks. It is comparable to a Western poker game and is also called Flash and Flush. The goal of the game is to have the strongest three-card handout for everyone playing. On many online platforms, the Teen Patti game can be played with friends and family and with strangers.

This game required both luck and skill. Players can choose to play with other players from across the world or invite their friends to a private table at Teen Patti Stars. It has few special rules and variations but is otherwise similar to poker. There are so many alternatives to playing for free or with real money and gamers can compete against players from all over the world. In general Teen Patti gold is a fantastic choice for players who like plating Teen Patti and want to do it in the convenience of their own homes.

It is the most popular in India and the main source of income, And also highly played in India with over 6 Million monthly active players globally. You will need luck to win the game. It is a gambling card game. It is also popular in South Asia and also in Pakistan. This game brings you real experience while playing games. It has more than 50000000 installed on the Play Store with a 6.4 every user rating. It was developed by MOONFROG.

AppTeen Patti Gold(TP Gold)
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RequireAndroid 4.4
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Teen, Simulated Gambling
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What is Teen Patti Gold?

Teen Patti is the largest online multiplayer card game. It is a very attractive and superb combination of chals and blinds and many more. It is a game of poker that uses only three cards and has a simplified game. Players who join the club can get bounces such as bounce chips, customized avatars, and other unique features.

It provides a variety of modes including Classic, Jokers, Ak-47, Hukam, and others. There is an option to set up private tables and ask others to join them. The game operates on a buy-in system, where players pay a certain amount to participate. In this online gambling application, you get to see all types of card games through which players can easily earn more and more money.

It also allows you to get unlimited chips and money and it also makes your purchase easy. You should download it because it is a very interesting and awesome game that you guys would like to play and enjoy its interesting features. It is also available for multiple platforms including Android and IOS. In this game, you can play different Teen Patti variants like Joker, Hukam and Muflis, Royal, and AK-47.

Features of the application

Betting system

This game features an enlighted betting system that allows you to beet with chips as you would in a real Casino. The game also features bone-US chips that can be used to increase your winnings. Generally, there must be a certain amount that players must be willing to bet before the cards are dealt. After a player has played a bet and received a tip from each player, is dealt three cards.

Multi-platform support

The application is available for Android and IOS devices. It means you can play the game on your smartphone and tablet at the same time. It supports so many platforms through which you can play this game very easily and also earn money. It provides a different platform to play the game and enjoy your time with your family and friends.

3D Graphics

The Interface of the game is 3D and incredibly realistic. The 3D visuals make it feel like you are playing the game in real life and the player enjoys it a lot. It has a simple and attractive interface that fetches the intention of the game and gets it involved in it. The rules of Teen Patti Gold depend on the very specific version of being played.

Chatting feature

Through this application, you can chat with other players while playing the game. This helps to create an engaging atmosphere and lets you get to know about the other players on the table. You can create a friendly environment among the players and this makes your gaming experience pleasurable.

Gold mode enable

The game also has a gold mode, which means users can earn gold coins. Teen Patti Gold is the online rummy platform that paks this excitement and brings it to your preferred device.

Instant Withdraw

Teen Patti is a real cash game app and it also helps you to provide instant withdrawal. User can get their bonuses and funds in their country’s bank accounts.

High-intuitive gameplay

The game can be played with any number of players but usually between 4 and 8. The player agrees on a fixed amount of money and chips to bet before the game begins. The dealer shuffles the cards and deals three cards face down to each other. The player to the left of the dealer with the betting round by placing a bet and folding. Through this game, users can learn many new things and also enjoy its advanced features. Players can analyze the rule of probability or mathematics.

Unlimited Money

It is simple and quick to master in the Teen Patti game. Players can earn unlimited money by playing this interesting game. Players can easily earn passive money by playing smooth online games without any trouble. It is also known as a game to a huge audience and establish and respect to facilitate the big events. Use your brain and enhance your skills play the game with the strategy it will help you to make unlimited money. User can also enjoy their free time and also make money.

Ad free version

This is the ad-free version of the game. You will not see any type of annoying advertisement while playing the game. This will increase the user’s involvement in the game. Users will enjoy the best gaming experience.

Fun Events

There are lots of fun events in the game. You can gift each other while playing the game. This will help you to create positive relations between the players. You also send different funny emojis and many thighs.

Play with Friends

This game allows you to play the game with your friends and family anywhere in the world. You can invite anyone from your contact list. During playing this game you can also invite any random players online.

Real Cash

In the Teen Patti Gold game there is an advanced feature where real money is involved. It provides online gaming platforms like 7cric where the player can deposit their funds in their account for gameplay. The winner of the game receives a portion of the buy-in pool, with the remaining amount surviving as a fee for the gaming platform.

Refers and Earn

Inside this app with the sign-up app, you will get a bounce of RS 20 on each of your friends’ invites with the help of refer and earn. You can simply send an invitation to your family and friends and invite them to play so this will help you to earn money more and more.

You can also earn a lifetime bounce of thirty percent when your friend recharges in this app. Here you can also get commissions of many levels through, which you can earn the best.


Additional Features

  • Private Room to Play
  • Send Gifts
  • Beautiful dealers
  • Online Chat
  • Play in your local language
  • Unlimited Chips
  • No Root required
  • Free to use
  • Variations available
  • Withdraw in 24 hours
  • 27 plus games available
  • 228 Bit Encryption
  • Strict No Cheating
  • Easy to use

What is Teen Patti Gold Club?

The Teen Patti Gold Club is a loyalty program provided by Teen Patti Gold Game to reward frequent and loyal players. Players Who join the club can get bonuses. The Club features multiple tries based on the degree of play and loyalty of the player, with higher tries offering more rewards.

Importance of strategy and Tricks

Only two things are required to be mastered in this game. The first thing is strategy and the second thing is a skill. Teen Patti is considered a game of skill because it involves lots of systems and tricks. A skilled player can use various techniques to gain benefits over his competitor. There are some techniques mentioned below.


Including a competitor to bet more money than he would otherwise be acting weakly or passively with a strong hand.


In this technique, users have to play confidently. Pretending to have a better hand than one has by betting cleverly.

Sami baffling

It was betting with hands that have the chance of proving but are currently weaker than competitor’s hands.


Giving up on a hand when it is likely that an opponent has a better hand or when the opt odds are unfavorable.


Observing and analyzing your competitor’s behavior, body language facial expressions, and betting patterns to reduce their strength and attention.

Slow playing

Pretend to be a weak player that one has by betting passively or cautiously.

The Following Games are Found inside the application

  • Teen Patti
  • Rummy
  • 7 Up 7 Down
  • Andar Bahar
  • Langur Burja
  • Baccarat 3 Patti (King V Queen)
  • Big Space Battle( drogen Vs Tiger)
  • Baccarate AB Andar Bahar)
  • Wingo Lottery

How to Download the Teen Patti Gold App

There are following instructions to download this game. These are given below:
1: On your smartphone tap on your Google Play Store or access the Apple App Store.
2: Use the search bar to search the Teen Patti Gold App.
3: To begin the download, click the install or download button.
4: Tap to open the app after downloading it. Then log in to your existing account to create a new account.
5: You may begin playing Teen Patti Gold and other games on the app once you have logged in.

How to Register in Teen Patti Gold

You need to download the app from the given download link then given you. First You need to click the link that is given, then install it, and after installation tap to open it. Now create an account with your Facebook account and also you can create an account by using your mobile number. Quickly you will get the bounce of $ 10 only free of cost as well as refer and earn after clinking on the sign-in. Enter the phone number and click on send, and now a new OTP will come. Fill it in the box and click on confirm. Now you will get a bounce of a dollar of 20. Now your account has been successful and you are completely Registered in the Teen Patti Gold game and enjoy this game without any trouble.


In final words, this application is highly installed. Users of this application are increasing day by day. This is a unique and exciting game that allows players to experience the famous Indian game Teen Patti Gold in a virtual environment. It provides players with a simplified version of the game that makes it easy to play. However, it would not be wrong to say that the game is ideal for noobs and advanced players. In short words, this app has something for new old, and new players. So, you must download the application and if you have any questions about it you can mention them in the comments we will ensure to answer them.

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